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Discovering London, Ontario’s Festive Delights: A Holiday Guide


The holiday season brings a unique charm to London, Ontario, transforming it into a wonderland of festive cheer and community spirit. Tailored for those over 30, this guide offers a curated list of seasonal activities and special events. From local markets to enchanting performances, including the Legends of Motown show, we invite you to explore the city's Christmas magic.

London's Must-Visit Holiday Attractions

Victoria Park’s Winter Wonderland: Wander through the illuminated paths of Victoria Park, a central location that becomes a sparkling hub of holiday joy. With its array of lights and festive displays, it’s a perfect spot for an evening stroll. Explore Victoria Park.

Covent Garden Market’s Holiday Festivities: Dive into the festive spirit at Covent Garden Market, known for its vibrant atmosphere and array of local vendors. From unique gifts to delicious treats, it’s a hub for holiday shopping and community gathering. Visit Covent Garden Market.

The Grand Theatre’s Christmas Shows: Experience the joy of live theatre this holiday season at The Grand Theatre. With a lineup of Christmas-themed performances, it's an ideal destination for an evening of culture and entertainment. The Grand Theatre Events.

Storybook Gardens’ Winter Celebrations: Perfect for families, Storybook Gardens offers a festive escape with its decorated paths, outdoor skating rink, and holiday-themed activities. Storybook Gardens Winter.

A Motown Christmas at Centennial Hall

Complete your holiday adventure in London with a visit to Centennial Hall for the Legends of Motown show on December 16th at 7:00 PM. This special performance offers a Christmas twist to the iconic Motown classics. It’s a blend of nostalgia and festive charm, perfect for music lovers looking to relive the golden Motown era with a holiday spin. Secure your Motown Christmas experience.


London, Ontario, during the festive season, is a canvas of joyous experiences and heartwarming events. Whether you're enjoying the lights at Victoria Park, shopping at Covent Garden Market, or getting into the holiday groove with the Legends of Motown, the city offers myriad ways to make the most of the Christmas season.


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