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The Fashion of Motown: Style Icons and Trends That Shaped an Era

In the bustling heart of Detroit's music scene, Motown's legacy wasn't confined to groundbreaking sounds. It was a fashion revolution where glitz, glamour, and soul became as iconic as the music. This blog explores how fashion was integral to the Motown image, highlighting the famous outfits and trends set by its artists.

The Genesis of Glitz and Glamour

Berry Gordy's vision for Motown extended beyond music; he saw his artists as complete performers. Diana Ross once reminisced, "Berry wanted us to be ladies, to be seen as role models." This vision led to the creation of a polished, refined look, synonymous with the music they produced.

The Supremes: Pioneers of Elegance

The Supremes

Marvin Gaye: Casual Cool

Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye's fashion, often casual and approachable, contrasted sharply with Motown's usual glitz. His denim-on-denim look and beanie hats became a signature. His style influenced the casual streetwear trends that followed and made him a relatable icon.

The Temptations: Sartorial Sync

The Temptations

The Temptations' matching suits in vibrant colors and patterns showcased unity and sophistication. "We wanted to be as sharp as our harmonies," noted Otis Williams, emphasizing their focus on a unified appearance that complemented their music.

Stevie Wonder: Eclectic and Expressive

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder's fashion was as eclectic as his music, characterized by brightly colored garments and patterned shirts. "My style is like my music—unexpected and full of surprises," Stevie once said, encapsulating his approach to fashion.

Looking to the Future

As we look to the future, the fashion of Motown continues to inspire. It's a reminiscence of the past and a guiding light for future trends. Designers and musicians continue to revisit these styles, finding in them a timeless appeal that transcends generations.


Motown's fashion was a statement of excellence, unity, and artistic expression. It transcended music and became an integral part of popular culture. Today, as we look back and forward, we celebrate the groundbreaking music and the enduring fashion legacy that Motown has left behind.

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